by No Golden Years



released March 24, 2017



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No Golden Years New York

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Track Name: Could Be Worse
wake up
you’re sleeping away
every moment you’re not working
just waste away the day

it’s late
no time to change
time to do it all again
to collect a lousy wage

it’s always the same

and you say
“hey, it could be worse”
other people got it bad
but this still fucking hurts
and I say
“I’m trying with every day not to just fade”

wake up
it’s time to change
everything can’t stay this way
get up, go start today
Track Name: Daysleeper
been sleeping the days away
out of tune since last summer
spent years just wasting time
hoping not to waste another
and it seems so simple
"get up, get out, get your shit together man"
but every day is so hard

I don't wanna lay awake in bed
I'm over over-thinking, always being trapped inside my head

I'm fighting for my life
with each step I take outside
Track Name: Better Days
been playing this game too long
got a dozen years with nothing to show
but unpaid loans
no job, no car, no fucking friends
to see when you get back home
from your months out on the road

it's all so great
when you're so far away

I've seen better days in better places than this
I'm just wasting away and getting as sad as it gets
I'm not growing up, but I'm getting old
I'm always more miserable than yesterday

can't keep this going on
got a dozen more bills waiting outside
since writing this song
no money, no skills, no fucking life
because you wasted all your time
holding on to living young

I'm not growing up, I'm getting old
my hair is thinning and turning grey
I'm ashamed to say I feel this way but

I have never wanted to not be alive
more than I do today